Great Blue Heron

As you walk along the many waterfront walkways or kayak in Victoria’s Harbour, you will see an abundance of bird life both on the water and on the shore. Here is a list of the top five species that you may encounter.

1. The Great Blue Heron can be seen standing in shallower water or on docks and beaches hunting for muscles and clams. This prehistoric looking bird is very prevalent along Victoria’s waterfront. You can’t miss their guttural shrieks if they are disturbed.

Oyster Catcher

2. Oyster Catchers are most often seen in pairs hunting along the exposed rocks at the shoreline. They use their long red beaks to pry open their dinner. Their high pitched peeping is often heard before you see the actual birds.


Mallard Duck

3. Mallard Ducks are the most common species of duck found in Victoria’s waters. Harlequin ducks, Scaups, Golden Eye and the Bufflehead are all species of diving ducks that live and play in this area.


4. Hummingbirds live in Victoria year round. They enjoy the many flowers that grow in this ocean community.

5. You will see the Canada Goose everywhere in the Victoria area. They are busy building nests on the small islets and headlands. Watch out where you step!! They leave a messy trail showing where they have been!