Here are some tips for how to make the most of your kayak tour.

1. Dress right.

Being comfortable in your kayak can make a huge difference in how much you enjoy your tour. Avoid clothing that retains moisture – that means no cotton! Drips from the paddle will leave you with damp sleeves or a damp seat. Any type of quick dry clothing is a good choice.  Check the weather conditions to wear the right layers for cool weather or warm weather.

2. Get the gear right.

Your PFD should fit snug and hug your body. It should allow for lateral movement while you are sitting in the kayak. If  it is too long it will push on your chin for your whole paddle. Adjust the foot pedals in the kayak to be comfortable. If they are too close you can lose circulation in your feet and legs. If they are too far away you will be reaching and not have enough control over your steering.

3. Get the technique right.

Following instructions from your lesson at the beginning of the tour will ensure you will  paddle effectively and enjoy powering your own vessel with minimal sore muscles or blisters at the end of your tour.

4. Savor your surroundings.

Take time to explore the ocean as you paddle. Linger in the kelp beds to look for jellies, paddle close to rocks to touch the sea stars, drift quietly observing the seals sunning or swimming, taste the salty kelp blades, pop the ocean bubble wrap. If you are on a picnic tour take time to poke around in the tidal pools. You may see some amazing creatures if you are still enough. Check under rocks on the beach and at the waters edge for crabs, anemones or sea cucumbers. Gently bob on the water laughing at the comical antics of the oyster catchers or sea gulls. Feel scrutinized by the bald eagle eyeing you warily from the headland. Breathe in the fresh sea air and be amazed at the beautiful Olympic mountains rising in majesty into the horizon.

Sea kayaking tours in Victoria give you an amazing connection to our ocean environment. Here’s hoping you enjoy every dip of your paddle and every glide of your kayak.