Curious about barnacles? Here are a few facts for you:

~ Barnacles are often overlooked ocean creatures. Only overlooked until you step on one getting out of your kayak…ouch! They are actually related to crabs and lobsters being in the crustacean family. That is a surprise!

~ Barnacles have been found in depths up to 600 metres but 75 percent are usually found on rocks and headlands in shallower depths and in the intertidal zone which is the space between high and low tide. They are found exclusively in oceans and seas.

~ The two most common types are acorn barnacles which grow their shells directly onto the surfaces and goose barnacles which grow from a stalk. There are up to 1200 known barnacle species.

~ Barnacles are made up of several overlapping calcium plates that can be opened during feeding and mating and closed for protection from predators. Their main predators are whelks, sea stars and mussels.

~ Barnacles do have senses. They are very sensitive to touch using the tiny hairs on their limbs. They also have a singular eye capable of sensing light and dark.

~ follow this link to watch barnacles mating :




Mating Barnacles  Video – Gerry